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3 Bachelor Party Themes Your Big Man is Sure to Love

Bachelor parties have been stereotyped to death in pop culture, so your inspiration might be limited to booking a man cave, setting up an open bar, and hiring strippers and exotic dancers. Here are 3 Bachelor Party Themes that your guests will absolutely love.

Go beyond expectations by trying out the following bachelor party themes.

1.    Throw the Party at Sea

One of the best things about living in Victoria is that water is right around the corner. Nothing’s better than tasting the salty sea every time you sip that beer and get hit with the odd sea spray.

It may also be the last time in a long while that the groom-to-be gets to venture out with the lads, so make the most of it. Rent a yacht with food on demand and an open bar, or hop on one of the many boat tours setting sail in Victoria if you’re aiming to cut costs.

2.    How About a Game of Paintball?

The booze can wait because you found yourself at war with those you considered your own. That may sound dramatic, but it’ll make complete sense when you’ve got that adrenaline pumping through your veins during a paintball game.

Split up into two teams or get the bridal party in on the fun. Up the ante by making it boys vs. girls game and make the losers buy the drinks and food. As the best man, it’s on you to sort out the details with the point person at the bridal party.


3.    Play Drinking Games

Take a page out of the maid of honour’s book and make drinking games a part of your stag party. Don’t just drink that beer because the night’s still young, and you need to stay sober for as long as possible to ensure it doesn’t end on an early note and a raging hangover the morning after.

Play quarters, drunk Jenga, beer pong, frisbeer, beer-lympics, and add alcohol to any number of otherwise PG-rated games. Make it a party to remember, and make sure there’s plenty of beer to go around.

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