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Best Coast Parties FAQ

If you wish to have that human experience, at Best Coast Parties we are friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have to help you along the way.

It’s best to work with us from the start so we can brainstorm with you and create your ultimate party experience

Of course! We are a very open-minded diverse team. We are happy to assist anyone who wants an unforgettable party!

Outrageous or low-key, the choice is yours!

It’s your party and whilst you can cry if you want to, we want to bring tears of joy because your party is just the way you imagined it. Perfect in every way!

The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19. If you don’t look 16 you will never get carded.

Can I use US cash in Victoria B.C?

The currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (duh). US dollars are generally accepted everywhere.

The exchange rate has been 1:1 in the past few years.

Some places may charge you an exchange rate of 2-5%.

When the exchange rate is close to par it is best not to convert your cash to Canadian. If you did not bring cash, ATMs will give you the best exchange rate, airports and exchange kiosks close to the border give the worst.

US credit cards and ATM cards work almost everywhere.

Most will charge you a small “international exchange rate” (check with your bank). It is also best to inform your bank of your travels so they don’t accidentally put a hold on your card.

Victoria B.C is a mostly English-speaking part of the country.

While most of the population speaks English, few speak both English and French.

If you’re coming from the US…you will be fine!

We have the complete understanding that knowing a definite party number at the initial planning stages is not easy.

We only require a rough idea of numbers initially. We can then book activities and accommodation for you based on your estimate. We do need you to book with what you feel your maximum group size will be because it’s much easier for us to reduce numbers than increase them later on.

This is largely to do with availability and is particularly important if you’re planning your stag in the peak holiday season.

Exact group numbers will not be necessary until the payment date, please note that you are not liable to pay for the members of your group that may have dropped out.

We don’t include flights in any of our packages so, if you’re looking to go overseas for the weekend you will need to book your own flights. Note that prices change very quickly and flights become very full in peak season, so make sure you book as early as possible.

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Entertainment FAQ

We are a very open-minded team and happy to discuss and assist you with anything you need so please feel free to ask about anything you desire.

Possibly but it is up to the entertainer and their personal choice. If you are looking for a hostess or entertainer to provide these services please discuss with us during your party organization process.

We are a well-connected and resourceful bunch and can source anything as long as it is legal for us to do so.

Please let us know so that we can price things for you accordingly.

Please note that any discounts agreed with your Party Concierge will only be applicable to those attending the full package.

Poker Night FAQ

We can arrange a poker party for you and supply everything, the equipment, and staffing, all you have to do is show up.  

We can arrange poker fun for you but our services are for organization and entertainment purposes only. Legally we cannot be part of a poker night where money is exchanged.

Bachelorette FAQ

Here are some general answers to some questions you may or may not have had the chance to think about.

Ideally, you should begin planning as soon as you’ve decided to get engaged.

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