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The ‘About to Be Wed’ Game? Bachelorette Party Games Your Friends Will Want to Play

A stagette party is nothing like a movie or game night, but it certainly has those elements. Dirty gossip, scandalous revelations, exotic dancers, and finger food can only keep the party moving for so long. We list some of our favourite Bachelorette Party Games that your friends will love.

Here are some games you could add to spice up your bride’s pre-wedding evening.

The Newlywed Game

Your Facebook newsfeed must be overflowing with newlywed games by now. For those of you who don’t know, the newlywed game is where the bachelorette party host asks the groom a bunch of questions and records their answers in text, video, or audio. 

The bride is asked the same questions about the groom at the party. She has to take a sip of her drink if she gets an answer wrong, and the bridal party has to take one if she gets a response right. It’s a nice prelude to the wedding shoe game and spells fun times for everyone involved. Well, maybe not the bride, so pick wisely!

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The ‘Drink If’ Game

The ’Drink If’ game is a more controlled version of ‘Never Have I Ever’ because it involves pre-written ‘drink if’ statements that are passed around and read out by each guest. If the statement applies to anyone in the group, they take a shot. If it doesn’t, well then, they get to stay a lot soberer than everyone else at the party.

Spice up the game with naughty questions like, ‘Drink if you’ve ever fallen in lust at first sight,’ or ‘Drink if you’ve ever slept with more people than you can count on your fingers.’

A Round of Adult Pictionary

We’ve all heard of, if not played, Pictionary before. It’s a game where you’re split into two teams, and one of you has to draw a randomly chosen word or phrase to make your team guess the right one within a certain time limit.

Make all the words and phrases sexually suggestive to turn the game into adult Pictionary. Get someone outside the bridal party to set it up to create an even playing field for everyone. Let the hilarity ensue as one of you tries to make a visual representation of a 69 or reverse cowboy.

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