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All the Bachelorette Party Supplies You Need for a Memorable Bash

What might the perfect destination be? How much can you afford to spend on accommodations for the guests? Do you have any activities planned for your girlfriend’s honourary weekend?

Ideally, one must start with their bachelorette or Stagette party planning months before the big day to err on the side of caution. The most fun you’re likely to have is when you’re picking up bachelorette party supplies in Victoria; after all, they contribute just as much to make the event memorable.

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Dessert Toppers for the Hopper

Is there a special theme for your bachelorette weekend? You could consider the bride’s favourite songs, quotes, and dialogues (best to do all things cheeky, though) and turn them into cake toppers for a hearty laugh.

Temporary Tattoos over the Boo-Boos

That’s right, to really mark the date, you and your bride squad can opt for a washable tattoo. Think how cool it would be to have the entire crew flaunt one tattoo on their left leg, just under the adorable satin pyjama sets that match — sounds Instagrammable, doesn’t it?

Sashes That Match

These are classic, don’t fight it! Foiled sashes are available in several colour combinations — so pick one distinctive color for the bride and another color that compliments it effortlessly for the maid of honour and bridesmaids. When you arrive for the celebration flaunting these stylish stashes, everyone will know that things are about to get wild. 

If you’re just not about living life mainstream, try fanny bags labelled ‘bride and tribe,’ party masks signing off on ‘bride and squad,’ or shirts for ‘bride and babes’. There are tons of other options, but whatever you do, ensure it represents the bride’s personal taste. 

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Plan a bachelorette party in Victoria with Best Coast Parties to escape the hassle of gathering all supplies yourself. This team of professional party planners in Victoria offers bachelorette party planning services to take a step beyond just ‘meeting expectations.

Their bachelor party packages include strippers and exotic dancers; reach out today for more information regarding Stagette party planning services.


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