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3 Instagrammable Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2022

With 2,130,938 people getting married in British Columbia in the previous year (i.e., 2021), preparing for the bride’s send-off has become just as big of a business as the groom’s. Here are a few Instagrammable bachelorette party ideas for the Insta bride of 2022:  

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Bachelorette Paint Party

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” Except that Jack is everyone attending the party and looking to get creative while they’re at it. This activity is perfect for getting the creative juices flowing — so have a glass of wine or two if you must, and head to the canvas or the pottery station to indulge in an amazing experience.

A Tea Party

With the colors getting thrown around here and there, don’t forget to tell your photographer to take tons of candid images. Throw in some fine china alongside finger sandwiches to organize a classic tea party — a combination that’s sure to steal innumerable likes. You can even sign up for makeup artists heading in and beautifying all the girls for a fashion show!

Weekend Wellness Party

If the bride isn’t too big on drinking the night away, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to book yourself for a wellness getaway. You could be riding a bicycle or heading into a lush green area for a picnic.

Retreat with a Road Trip

Choose a destination spa if you want to scoop in a little road trip before the wellness weekend gets started. You get the time to unwind from the stress of having to plan your wedding and a chance to reconnect with your best friends.

Rent a House

Put together the two critical aspects of a bachelorette, i.e., accommodation and party venue, into one by renting a house. This allows all the guests to have a place to call their own even when they’re only vacationing.

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