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4 Gifts Your Bridesmaid Crew Will Swoon Over Instantly

You’ve probably run into your fair share of horrible party favors as a former bridesmaid. They’ve ranged from stock gifts, such as monogrammed hats, to gifts that are just plain tasteless, such as underwear. We’ll buy our own, thank you very much!

Don’t be that bride-to-be. Hand out the following party favors to make your stagette a success.

1. Wineglasses are So Overrated

Why have your catering staff hand around wine glasses that are probably used for a million other events when you can order personalized pouches of that Dutch courage? An adult Capri Sun? Don’t mind if we do!

If you’re worried about the carbon footprint, just use biodegradable plastic pouches and straws. Go the extra mile by getting heart-shaped straws and labelling the pouches with the names of your crew.

2. Games Abound!

Fun and games aren’t possible without the ‘game’ part. Any bachelorette party worth its weight in male strippers needs a set of adult playing cards. Shuffle a set for a scandalous round of adult truth or dare, but don’t just stop there.

Include a set each in swag bags, but not before having them personalized with your wedding colours and pairing them off with mini tequila bottles.

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3. A Coaster for Their Poison

The more you read this blog, the more you’ll notice a pattern. We’re all about personalizing your swag, and coasters are no different. Your crew will need somewhere to place their chutes, and you need something other than place cards to seat everyone.

Instead of the same old, try something different by putting the names of your crew on drink coasters. Make sure the writing is elegant, and the coasters have a metallic rim to look like a party accessory.

4. Can’t Go Wrong with Sarongs

The summer is right around the corner, so your chances of hosting an outdoor bachelorette party are quite high. If you’re planning on throwing a pool or beach party, distribute matching sarongs among your crew.

Sarongs were the bachelorette party trend of the year back in 2021, and we can totally see why. They’re cute, get the job done, and present the perfect opportunity to twin with your bridesmaids.

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