The groom shouldn't pay for anything during the bachelor party

Advanced Planning and Other Dos and Don’ts of a Bachelor Party

Your best friend is getting hitched? You know what that means: you’re going to have to throw a party before the D day to help the poor man celebrate bachelorhood one last time!

First things first, you want to get a head start on planning. Start by addressing questions like where the bachelor party should be held, when is the right time to schedule it, and who should be invited to the celebration. Here’s giving you a heads up for the dos and don’ts of a bachelor party:

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The Dos of a Bachelor Party

Start by making a list of people you think the groom will approve off — experiencing that awkward silence or blood boiling at your bachelor party after witnessing someone you hate is no fun at all! Do run the guest list by the guest of honor.

You want to help your man celebrate bachelorhood on his terms, not yours or anyone else. If your man isn’t into strip clubs and exotic dancers and prefers a karaoke night instead, that’s exactly what you’re doing to do!

If you’re willing to give this man the best of everything, how come you haven’t put your phone down yet? The best man is only the best if he doesn’t miss out on the fun because he was too involved with his girlfriend over the phone.

The Don’ts of a Bachelor Party

Whether it’s transportation, food, drinks, or even tips, you don’t want the groom to pay for any of the night’s expenses. Sure he may be generous, but it’s best to set up a budget and split the bill among the party guests beforehand. Remember that communication is key here.

Don’t have the bachelor party a day or two before the wedding. You’re going to be hungover or just tired from celebrating the whole night, which may account for a sleepy groom at the altar or one that pukes before the first official kiss.

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Beat the Bachelor Party Challenges

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