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Too Soon, Too Late, or at the Last Minute? The Right Time for Celebrating Bachelorhood

Celebrating bachelorhood is best defined as the last fling before the ring. Of course, it has to be special! Be it a bachelorette or bachelor party, timing is pretty much everything that makes or breaks this pre-wedding event. Here’s the right time for celebrating only the most anticipated wedding event:

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How Soon is Too Soon?

Of course, the temptation of celebrating your bachelorhood one last time is hard to resist, but you still want to hold your horses for this one. After your engagement, leave enough time for everyone in your circle to hear the news. Even if you uploaded pictures of all social media platforms, don’t go in with the bachelor or bachelorette party the weekend right after.

If you want a party that you can remember for a lifetime, you want to give your friends and family time to collaborate and plan the celebration. Ideally, you should give your guests a month or two to make arrangements and clear their schedules for the days that follow.

A Little Too Late is Much Too Late

Unless you want to look hungover at the wedding, you shouldn’t be hosting the bachelor or bachelorette party too close to the wedding either. Give your body enough time to rejuvenate from the night of your dreams. Another important consideration to make is just how much time your guests have set aside for your wedding. Maybe they don’t want to use too many vacations at once, which makes a week or two before the wedding just about right!

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Do You Know Your Sweet Spot? 

The right time for hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party is one to four months before the wedding. This should be just about right for making all arrangements and walking down the aisle in the best shape.

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