Etiquettes of Bachelor-ism: Who Pays for the Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

A stag and stagette party would be way more fun if it didn’t involve the exorbitant costs of flights, hotels, restaurants, transportation, drinks, dinner, and décor. In other words, every expense that fuels the wedding industry.

Alas, needs must, and in this case, expenses have to be divided as follows.

The Million Dollar Question—Answered!

A bachelor party may have history, but it isn’t exactly traditional. Therefore, the expenses related to this ceremony don’t follow a certain convention, but they do follow etiquette.

Here, the etiquette dictates that all the attendees have to pitch in. If it’s a destination event, the bride or groom may also have to contribute to cover the additional expenses.

Typically, the best man or maid of honour is responsible for tracking the expenses and ensuring they meet all the per-head charges on all payments. They’re the point person who makes sure all the costs are fairly split, and the vendors are paid for their services.

Here’s how you can manage this feat without admitting defeat.

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Cut Expenses, Not Corners

Bringing all attendees in the loop is the only way to cut expenses without cutting corners. Ask them how much they’re willing to pay for the stag night, whether they want a destination event or if they’re more comfortable with a venue closer to them.

If they’re more conducive to the latter, you’ll have a less expensive event on your hands. Splitting up the costs also helps a great deal. If you can divide expenses between eight to ten attendees, you’ll find it more cost-effective overall.

Feel Free to Reassign the Job

Just because you’re the Maid of Honor or Best Man doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be great at handling finances. Financial responsibility is no joke. Get it wrong, and you’re in a heck of a lot more than you bargained for.

As the point person for all expenses, you have to be organized, calm, and experienced in handling financial decisions. If that’s not you, feel free to assign the job to someone in the party who does have these qualities.

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