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Don’t Let the Single Friends Feel Left Out — Plan for Them at Your Wedding

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It’s unlikely for all of your friends to be happily paired off at the time of your wedding. You may have acquaintances who’re divorced, single, or just going through a rough patch in their relationship. Don’t make them feel like the odd ones out.

Here are some considerations by Best Coast Parties for single or soon-to-be single friends on your big day.

Be Strategic About the Seating Arrangements

Wedding seating charts are like labyrinths. They aren’t free of conundrums, and they certainly warrant more wedding planning time from both the bride and groom. To start with, don’t put your single friends on the same table as someone you know to be overly inquisitive and judgemental. Secondly, don’t make an entire table for single people because that’s just too on the nose for anyone’s liking.

Ask for your friends’ opinion if you want to make sure they’re right where they want to be at the wedding reception. If you don’t want to do that, consider their current feelings and emotions instead. Are they ready for a relationship? If yes, you could play matchmaker by seating them with an eligible bachelor.

If they’re happily single and plan to remain that way for the foreseeable future, you could put them with a group of work or college friends or people with whom they might see eye to eye.

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Forego the Bouquet and Garter Toss

The bouquet and garter toss are fun traditions, but they also call out your single friends. There are many alternatives to these antiquated rituals that you might want to try to make your single friends feel more included in the festivities and add a fresh element to the usual wedding traditions.

For instance, you could take the meaning out of tossing the bouquet by including your single and married friends—women and men—in the act. You could also pull off a Mean Girls moment by breaking your bouquet into stems and handing them to special guests at the wedding.

Introduce Your Single Friends Before D-Day

Instead of leaving your single friends at the mercy of your close and distant family members on the wedding day, give them a chance to form connections and friendships in the days leading up to the same.

Stretch your pre-wedding party timeline to include the engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, welcome party, and rehearsal dinner. Give them these chances to mingle, find a kindred spirit, and maybe even find love. Make this wedding an opportunity for them to meet people instead of a reminder of their own singlehood.

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