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Don’t Forget to Ask These 4 Questions before His Bachelor Party

Why quarrel right before your wedding about the things that may or may not have happened at his bachelor party? Think about fostering clear communication between you and your fiance with these four questions:

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Are You Headed to a Strip Club?

Whether you aren’t bothered by the thought of putting strip clubs and bachelor parties together, or the whisper of it keeps you up all night, it’s a personal emotion at the end of the day. Regardless, you must know exactly who your man is and how far they’re capable of going.

There are several variations of a strip club. Some promote BYOB, full nudity, topless only, full bar service, and private rooms too. Rather than just saying you’re fine with ‘whatever’ when you’re not, it’s best to talk about any valid concerns that the two of you can possibly agree on together. Remember, to retain the level of respect and comfort, it’s best to be specific about the ‘rules’.

Will There Be Lap Dances?

How do you feel about another woman grinding on your man? If the idea of a woman touching your man, let alone dancing all up on him, upsets you, it’s best to communicate this. This way you’ll both know exactly what you expect from one another and also allow him to respect the honesty.

Again, be specific, if you aren’t okay with a fully nude dance but are cool with a clothed lap dance — make yourself heard.

Have the Boys Arranged for a Private Dance?

A lot of times, brides and grooms call these establishments off-limits, but there are still a handful of couples that are open to all new experiences. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to private dances. It’s just the opinion you have and how strict you are about the rules that govern it. Be sure to share your point of view with your significant other either way.

Heading in for a Private Party?

Not to confuse this with strip clubs, a private party is where strippers come into the accommodation the groom is residing in. Many brides have shared their opinion about how strip clubs are still bearable, but private parties are a no-go!

Remember to be specific and to come up with a plan as a team that respects both of your wishes.

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Hire Strippers and Exotic Dancers or Don’t

Regardless of the kind of bachelor party you’re planning for the groom’s send-off, Best Coast Parties can handle the logistics of the whole operation. Whether it’s the venue, catering, or dancers, you can get in touch with the best adult party planners in Victoria to get started.


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